This application provides facilities to handle day today activities of tyre house and other business activities.


Item Brand

Sales Invoice Item Detail

  Item Group

Supplier wise Sales


Item Type

User wise Sales


Ability to enter unlimited Items

Sales Rep wise Sales


Compatible Items

Service Man wise Sales


Application Model

Deal wise Sales


Application Type

Unit wise Sales


Item Application

Item Main Type wise Sales


Item Fraction

Item Category wise Sales


Item Bundle

Sales Payment Report


Item Discount Scheme

Sales Return Report


Invoice Discount Scheme

Sales Return Summary

  Open Stock

Sales Return Detail


Stock Adjustment

Transfer Note Report


Supplier Invoice wise “Open” Balance

Transfer Note Detail


Customer Invoice wise “Open” Balance

Transfer Note Item Summary


Purchase Order

Damage/ Wastage Report


Purchase Invoice

Damage / Wastage Detail


Purchase Return

Damage / Wastage Item Summary


Purchase Cancel

Supplier Payment Voucher



Supplier Current Outstanding


Sales Invoice

Supplier Outstanding on selected range


Sales Return

Customer Payment Receipt


Delivery Items

Customer Advance Settlement Report


Sales Cancel

Credit Note Settlement Report


Transfer Note

Customer Outstanding Report


Damage / Wastage Entry

Customer Outstanding on selected range


Supplier Payment

Sales Rep wise Customer Outstanding


Supplier Payment Cancel

Petty Cash Report


Customer Payment

Paid Out Report


Customer Payment Cancel

Day End Report


Item Inquiry on Main Type

Stock Open Balance Report


Item Inquiry on Category

Supplier Open Balance Report


Item Inquiry on Item Application

Customer Open Balance Report


Item BIN Card

BTT Report – Daily (Turn Over Report)


Item Movement

BTT Report – Summary (Turn Over Report)

Fast Moving Items

Price List


Slow Moving Items

Profit Report – Item

Non Moving Items

Profit Report - Invoice


Expired Items

Profit Report – General


Item Code wise Bar Code

Profit Report - Customer


Purchase Invoice Wise Bar Code

Profit Report – Daily


Master Entry Reports

Stock Balance


Purchase Order Report

Stock Categorization


Purchase Order Summary

Stock Minus Report


Purchase Order Detail

Stock Valuation


Purchase Invoice Report

Stock Reorder Report


Purchase Invoice Summary

Stock Age Analysis


Purchase Invoice Detail

Stock of Active & Non Active Items


Purchase Item Detail

Zero Stock Item Report


Purchase Return Report

Rebuilding – Customer Request


Purchase Return Summary

Rebuilding – Customer Invoice


Purchase Return Detail

Rebuilding – Service Order


Quotation Report

Rebuilding – Service Invoice


Quotation Summary

Under Complain – Customer Request


Quotation Detail

Under Complain – Customer Delivery


Sales Invoice Report

Under Complain – Supplier Submitting


Sales Invoice Summary

Under Complain – Supplier Clearing


Sales Invoice Detail