This application provides to facilities to handling accounts activities of the company, you can create own company profile, day to day expenses, ledgers, Balance sheet, Profit & lost and final reports… etc.


Account Group

Account Statement

Account Type

Journal Entry Report


Account Code

Cash Payment Report



Cash Receipt Report



Petty Cash Payment Report



Petty Cash Receipt Report



Bank Payment – Cheque Report


Company Account

Bank Receipt – Cheque Report



Bank Payment – General Report


Journal Entry

Bank Receipt – General Report


Cash Payment

Cash Deposit Report


Cash Receipt

Cash Withdrawal Report


Petty Cash Payment

Received Cheque Report


Petty Cash Receipt

Issued Cheque Report


Bank Payment – Cheque

Income Statement


Bank Receipt – Cheque

Expense Statement


Received Cheque Status

Supplier Advance Settlement Report


Issued Cheque Status

Debit Note Settlement Report


Cash Deposit

Supplier Current Outstanding


Cash Withdraw

Supplier Outstanding on selected range


Supplier Payment

Supplier Advance Report


Supplier Advance Settlement

Debit Note Report


Debit Note Settlement

Supplier Write Off


Supplier Payment Cancel

Supplier Customer Set Off


Customer Payment

Customer Advance Settlement Report


Customer Advance Settlement

Credit Note Settlement Report


Credit Note Settlement

Customer Outstanding Report


Customer Payment Cancel

Customer Outstanding on selected range


Supplier Write Off

Sales Rep wise Customer Outstanding


Customer Write Off

Customer Advance Report


Supplier Customer Set Off

Credit Note Report


Customer Supplier Set Off

Customer Write Off


Year End Process

Customer Supplier Set Off


Company Information

Cash Flow


Supplier Information

Bank Reconciliation


Customer Information

Trial Balance


Chart Of Account

Profit And Loss


Account Transaction

Balance Sheet



Bank Status