This application provides facilities to create employees and perform salary process related activities.








Location Transfer


Pay Date

Company Transfer


Fund Details

Salary Increment


Coin Master

Salary Decrement









Promotion Demotion Report


Leave Type

Location Transfer Report


Loan Type

Salary Increment & Decrement Report


Deposit Type

Resign & Dismiss



Employee Information


Special Addition Type

Loan Information


Special Deduction Type

Loan Balance


Continuous Addition Type

Loan Payment Information


Continuous Deduction Type

Deposit Information


Calendar Company

Deposit Balance


Calendar Location

Deposit Payment Information


Roster Location

Leave Information


Roster Department

Leave Balance


Roster Location & Department

Gratuity Report


Roster Individual

Birthday Report


Leave Transaction

Salary Advance Issue


Loan Transaction

Salary Rounding


Loan Payment

EPF Monthly C Form


Deposit Transaction

EPF Monthly Report


Deposit Payment

EPF 6 Month Report


Special Addition Transaction

ETF Monthly Report


Special Deduction Transaction

ETF 6 Month Report


Continuous Addition Transaction

Salary Summary


Continuous Deduction Transaction

Signature Sheet


Attendance Allowance

Pay Sheet


Attendance Allowance Process

Pay Slip


Special Attendance Payment

Salary Monthly Report


Late Attendance Deduction

Salary Banking Report


Employee Attendance

Special Attendance Report


Concise Monthly Information

Late Att. Deduction Report


Salary Advance

Attendance Report


Monthly Loan Deduction Restrict

Over Time Report


Salary Advance Deduction Restrict

Day Sheet


Monthly Deposit Deduction Restrict

Time Sheet


Salary Process

Late Attendance Report


Salary Un Process

Early Departure Report